Class of ’17

cap03Here are a few thoughts from the parents of our school leavers in 2017:


‘We would like to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you for the most wonderful 3.5 years you have given to our daughter M*****. You have shown brilliant professionalism, dedication and love to help M***** become the person she is in her short life so far!

We are so grateful for all that you have done for M*****. You are all genuinely a fantastic team and nursery!’        Mr & Mrs S

‘We can’t really believe that this day has actually arrived. We will be very sad to leave Jollies………..J*** has grown into a confident, caring, funny, crazy little boy and you guys have played a huge part in his development and we will always be grateful for that. You have prepared him well for ‘big school’ and he is very excited about going’       Mr & Mrs C

‘Thank you so so much to all of you in all the rooms E***** has been in. He has thoroughly enjoyed being part of your family and we don’t need to tell you how much he has changed and grown into the little boy we are so proud of.

If it wasn’t for the love, care and devotion from your staff, E***** would not be who he is today and thank you for everything and all your guidance and support.’           Mr & Mrs W

‘………..the wonderful environment that you have created at Jollies and the standards and ethics that you set that can be felt throughout the team. Your passion for developing the children and dealing with the quirks along the way sets the tone for a fabulous, nurturing, safe and creative environment that allowed E**** and A** to flourish. Also, I see various colleagues at work who are less than happy with their pre-school care, they wrangle with themselves about whether they should be at work and clearly have “the guilt”. I can honestly say I have never felt that way, I knew that the girls were well cared for and being developed, and were having a great time. I was often reminded of that when I picked them up “too early mum”, so thank you for that too!


Anyway, I’d have kicked myself if I hadn’t sent this note. I think it’s important to say how sad we all are to leave somewhere that has felt like an extended family for some time. Lots of nurseries provide great care, but it’s the extra little things that give a glimpse of how special Jollies is – the reindeer food at Christmas, the bunny prints on the floor at Easter, the treat that is the leavers trip, the parting gift of the bear……..I could go on (I usually do J).


So whilst we won’t be going through your doors on a daily basis now you certainly haven’t seen the last of us. E**** has already been making A** feel better by telling her we can still go to the summer fair (although that may have backfired as Av**seems to think it’s next week and is quite excited – doh!). 

So, in summary, thank you! Take care of yourselves and that wonderful team.’    Mr & Mrs D