newly adapted environments as our children move rooms

September brings new rooms for some of our children and Team Jollies members…. It’s such an exciting time as our staff team brim over with enthusiasm and excitement as they create new spaces to play in for them and their children… Here’s a little sneaky peek into some of the areas that have already been created by our team with lots and lots of 💜 xxxx

Choo choo… watch out the trains are coming through!!

🚂 What better way to develop imagination and encourage creativity than following the children’s 💗 of trains and all this could lead to…

The children loved to create tracks for their trains. They would use the chalk making exciting movements from side to side to make lots of marks in the immediate area around them so that their trains could then chug along on the tracks they had created. We had swirls and circles and shaded areas and straight parts and the trains whizzed along a whole new exciting train track… a lovely twist on the traditional wooden tracks we are used to playing with. It was fabulous to see imaginations in full flow as the children covered the floor with their terrific tracks!! Xxxx

Anyone for tea?!

One of our little giraffes has shown herself to be an expert at tea making in the mud kitchen. The children have access to a water container so they can help themselves and add water to their baking and make themselves ‘cups of tea’ (this is always the most popular drink on the Jolly menu!)Initially this little one struggled a little with turning the tap, but after perseverance and a little bit of further trying she proudly managed it.She then filled up a cup and carefully transferred it into the teapot before pouring out the tea again and bringing it to Fiona excitedly saying “Here you go!”What a lovely cuppa ☕️ Xxxx

Light box explorers…

Whilst exploring the counters on the light box one of our little giraffes was very excited when they discovered that they would stack. She then watched Fiona stacking them and asked if she could join in doing this too. So that was it, the challenge was then on to see who could build the tallest tower!!This little one was definitely determined to make theirs taller than the grown-up’s one.The counters were a little fiddly at times and they kept falling over, but this little one kept calm, persevered and would just rebuild it if it came tumbling down. She talked about the fact she was catching up with Fiona’s one the more she added to hers, as she naturally compared their heights whilst doing this. Once her tower started to wobble she moved onto building other towers next to her original one telling Fiona that she then had ‘lots of towers’.Then another little one joined in with the play saying they too were going to build ‘a really big one’ and they wanted it to go ‘all the way up to the sky!’Exciting building on the light box as towers were created, counters were counted, sizes were compared and challenges were set as the most marvellous mathematical language emerged… xxxx

I am the music man…….

I come from down your way, and I can play, What can you play?I play the………..🎶🎵🎶🎵

A few of our giraffes have loved to create lots of music in the multi sensory room… this was alongside also being mesmerised by the bubble tube and exploring the light table and the ‘spaghetti’ (fibre optic) lights of course (you just can’t go into our sensory room and not play with these!!).Whilst making music the group would shake their maracas, turn the rain maker over and over and bang, bang, bang on the tambourine!!They spontaneously all sat in a circle with their instruments and would make lovely music all at once, and all together, and they had such a fab time playing in their own mini Jolly band 🎶 xxxx

Five little ducks (unicorns? flamingoes?) went swimming one day…

Our children experienced rubber ducks with a difference outside in the sunshine last week.The quirky ‘ducks’ were fabulous at facilitating not only counting, but also sorting and grouping! The children loved the challenge of trying only to catch certain ones in their nets and they chatted about the colours they could see, the different types they could see and how many they had as they swished and splashed around in the water.Through experimentation the children soon discovered that the ducks squirted out water and then that was it… The splishing and sploshing and splashing 💦 became the main focus of all their fun and pretty soon it turned into a wonderful water fight!! The children giggled as they splashed each other and when one suggested adding the hosepipe into the mix Tia was only too happy to oblige! Lots of splashes, giggles and fun as they all stayed cool and played in the ☀️ Happy days and crazy learning ways here at Jollies 🦒💜xxxx


Find a car, let it go… will it be fast or slow?! Pouncing Possums have fallen back in love with their vehicles again, and all things transport, having gravitated away from them recently to other items/areas of interest. They have loved re-exploring everything they have on offer within the room as they have explored wheels turning and whizzing them backwards and forwards to their friends, singing transport songs and role-playing amongst many other things. So to extend this interest, and add another dimension to their play outside, the grown-ups got out the drainpipe ramps and stands…Everyone excitedly reached for the little cars and soon got busy pushing them down the ramps. They watched closely as they sped down and flew off the bottom of the pipes and then travelled along the grass!!

Wet sand? Dry sand? Make a pie sand?

Yesterday Elephants enjoyed investigating and exploring the wet sand…. Jade opened the sandpit, added some metal containers and spoons and then sat back to observe the fun and learning unfurl, as she wanted to see exactly how the children would choose to play; what would they instinctively and naturally choose to do next? They made ‘strawberry’ and ‘chocolate’ ice cream, they made a cake, they then made cupcakes…Some just enjoyed the sensory feedback they got from the wet sand and loved feeling it squishing and squashing between their fingers as they buried their hands. They also discovered that the wet sand was excellent for making marks with their spoons and these were then their ‘roads’ as a whole new level of imaginary play enveloped the sandpit! Xxxx

Filling, Tipping, Shaking, Pouring!!!!

Recently Tia set up an intriguing invitation to play… which included unusual items the children might not usually come across within their normal day at nursery…A very kind parent had brought in some marvellous multicoloured polystyrene pieces to play with…. So Tia tipped them into a tuff tray and then added different sized tubes, plastic cereal containers and even mini swing bins! All of these containers had different points of access and different uses and ways to fill and empty them and this was entirely intentional by Tia to really get her children using their thinking skills!!

The best snuggles ever!!!

At Jollies we pride ourselves on the strong bonds we have with our children. We just 💜 the key person bond that we build and nurture with our little ones. This attachment is so strong and from this secure base Team Jollies can help their babies to truly blossom and strive to reach their full potential. It is so very hard to say goodbye though, and let our children spread their wings and fly, as they embark upon this next exciting chapter in their lives as they get ready to leave us for big school. So….. in the meantime we are taking full advantage of sneaking in as many snuggles as we can!!!!! New bonds will be made when our children move rooms in September, but the old ones will definitely not be forgotten as we are going to miss our oldest giraffes soooooo very much