Well done, Sian

Sian is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO).Sian is passionate about supporting Team Jollies to help all our children reach their full potential and she regularly shares her insight, knowledge and understanding to support our team in supporting our children effectively. She loves to really understand, and ‘get to grips with’, specific needs and she has facilitated us all working closely over the past 16 years with our local authority’s Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Team (SENIT), Speech and Language therapists (S& L), Occupational Therapists (OT) and the Deaf and Hearing Impairment Team (DAHIT) as required to support individual learners.Recently she has continued her professional development by completing her Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism and this has covered aspects such as best practice relating to autism, living with autism, signs, symptoms and diagnosis and information, support, legislation and guidance relevant to autism.Her enhanced knowledge will help to strengthen our understanding and support our children even more effectively than before.We love to develop our skills, knowledge and understanding here as practitioners at Jollies as by doing this we can truly give our children:“Roots to grow and wings to fly!”

More random ‘treasure’…

Tracey’s eyes were also drawn to this little find over the weekend – she was thinking of the children’s obsession with bangles, rings and beautiful things.We’d recently had a ‘hand’ to hang rings on and this went down down a treat, along with ‘mug trees’ and kitchen roll holders for bangles and jewels, but…As the rings hadn’t been brought down from the attic yet; as Tracey had literally just delivered the object to the room, the children immediately set to and found things from around the room to add to it!What was created was ‘A fairground ride’ as they found people and dogs and added them on.We love the unusual and the open-ended when it comes to finding resources to use and things to play with as it takes thinking and cooperative play to a whole new level of fun!! ♥️ xxxx

Oh baby it’s cold outside……

🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶Our children came in super excited by the change in the weather and animatedly telling us all about their weekend family fun in the snow that this cold snap had kindly brought us💙They loved looking out at the fallen snow on the houses, trees and ground and a few requested that they’d like to make a snowman picture!! So Stephen went off on the hunt for cotton wool and buttons (at the children’s request!!) and a few moments later they were busy crafting away⛄️⛄️☃️☃️Meanwhile…Laura had lovingly set up an icy invitation to play in the shared area❄️❄️❄️❄️ It’s the most magical time of the year 💙💙💙 xxxx

Lending library

♥️♥️ Lent with love…♥️♥️Fancy a new bedtime story tonight? Please check out our Jolly Little Library and borrow a book to share…Restocked today with poetry, classic tales, Peppa stories, dinosaurs and aliens and… a little bit of Christmas ♥️🎅🏻 Enjoy everyone… please feel free to grab a book on your way in dropping off on a morning, or ask your child’s key person to select one with your little one during the day to bring out to you at collection time.In this cold, cold weather get warm and snuggly and share a story together… xxxx


Can you do this? Or this? Or this? Or this?Our children have been loving setting themselves (and their friends!) challenges as they’ve moved in different ways in our movement room.From developing their gross motor skills, to their fine, their spatial awareness, their aim, their sense of direction, their ability to listen to instructions and follow them, their balance, their strength, their hand/eye coordination and ability to track, their ability to cooperate/collaborate and build together, their exploration of size/shape/space as dens are created, their bodies’ amazing capabilities… these amazing challenges have all been occurring in this wonderful new space. Physical development and movement play are vital ingredients for learning in the Early Years… without the body strength, the connections and pathways being strengthened in their brains as repetitive movements are practised, the coordination, balance and control that comes from activities such as these children would not go on to be brilliant readers and writers and learners in later life… these are the essential foundations upon which everything is later built… so:LET’S GET MOVING!!! 👍🏻 xxxx

Happiness is…

a trip to our local village park♥️We think their faces say it all really?!? Recently some of our older children enjoyed walking to the park and having some snack there.They set themselves challenges on the equipment, they adored the sensations of whizzing backwards and forwards on swings and twirling on roundabouts and they spotted lots and lots and lots of dogs as they went on their Woodlesford walk together… It may have been a cold, crisp day, but when they were all wrapped up warm and busy climbing and running around the park as they played, no one even noticed the cooler temperature… Just that they were having an amazing time exploring their incredible local environment with their friends; making their own risk assessments as they encountered new equipment and setting themselves fabulous challenges as they put their physical skills and abilities to the test – Just exactly as it should be when you are three and four years old!

Jolly Pink Day -23rd November 2021

Thank you ‘Pink Team Jollies’ for the extra pink fun and learning you’ve provided today 💗Thank you to all our children and their parents/carers for all their support too💗 Happy Pink Day!! 💗💗💗💗

Rosie’s Walk

🐓I walked past our Movement Room and saw all the children looking on in huge anticipation and excitement as Imogen built the suspense around one of our story bags…Once the bag was open and the children looked inside and explored they found a huge feathered ‘Rosie hen’ and lots of smaller wooden hens…. They went on to enjoy Imogen’s story telling and then they went on to moving around the room exploring placing their hens over, under, above, below and moving them across and through as they imagined their very own farmyards for their hens to venture around and explore. They naturally incorporated equipment from around the room for their hens to investigate and they showed their great imaginations as they created different scenarios for their ‘Rosies’…This book is fabulous for exploring positional language, but it was also great to get not only the hens, but also the children too, moving around the room and travelling over/under/across/through on a HUGE scale.We love Rosie and we love moving, moving, moving too!!Story bags bring favourite stories to life for our little ones and we just ♥️exploring them together… they make books just a little bit more magical than they are already 🪄Xxxx

Following interests…..

Woof, Yap, Ribbet, Mooooo, Hisssssss, Grrrrrr!!!!!! Recently Stephen observed a group of his children pretending to be different animals and making lots of different animal sounds! They were getting so involved and enjoying interacting with each other in this spontaneous way as they impersonated each animal. So to extend their interest further, Stephen went on a hunt in our ‘attic of magic’ (where all manner of amazing books, resources and toys live!) so he could set up a new area for them all with lots of small world animals and some fabulous books all about animals too!! The children absolutely loved their special Jolly grown-up following their lead and extending their interests further and we saw our children totally enthralled in sharing the new stories together as they looked at all the pictures and discussed what the animals were doing, they matched the animal figures to those spotted on the pages and then role played with them as they literally brought the stories to life, they invented games to play with them and they even built homes for them …. It’s safe to say their animal obsession continues and has been well and truly extended by Stephen!

Sooooo much spotty, yellow fun today…

from creating Pudsey’s face on the light table, making spotty pictures, practising our scissor skills as we chopped up a special yellow Pudsey tray, to finding lots of Pudsies who were hiding outside… which then turned into a game of our very own giant ‘Jade Pudsey’ hiding from her children.We love Pudsey fun and helping to raise pennies for Children in Need here at Jollies 💛💛💛💛xxxx