Happy Diwali

Free-Flow Two loved finding out about this very special festival of light and reflecting upon how we celebrate special times in our lives and the lives of our friends. Throughout the week they made some amazing clay diva lamps, they shared traditional stories and songs, they created amazing rangoli patterns and they even tried a traditional sweet pudding … Mithi Sev…. A huge thank you to one of our mummies for providing this traditional recipe for us to recreate within nursery. We truly love celebrating special times together. As Diwali drew closer our older children enjoyed a magical lunch and snack time as the little clay lamps were flickering on the table and the fairy lights were up… A lovely time was had by all and we look forward to celebrating many more special times together!

We are loving the sunshine!

Our little bubbles have been making the most of this gorgeous weather with lots of outdoor play. They have been thoroughly exploring their designated areas and finding ways to keep cool….lots of paddling required!

Jollies is back!!!!!! – June 2020

Jollies opened it’s doors to greet our children back in June after an unexpected break! The children settled back in very quickly within their little bubbles and are loving being back with their friends.

Story Bus comes to visit!

We were so very lucky this morning as the very special ‘Story Bus’ came to visit us and all our children have enjoyed singing songs and joining in with a variety of stories with the lovely people on board. It was great to see Tim again, who came on our very first library bus adventure all those years ago, and to meet his lovely colleagues Jo and Rogan. The children were enthralled as they listened to Rogan sing some action songs and then mesmerised by Jo as she read some exciting stories. What a magical morning 📖💖xxxx

World Book Day – 5th March 2020

We decided to be a little bit different this year and focus on the love of books and stories rather than the dressing up!!!! Of course children were able to dress up if they so wish, but staff members opted to come in their pj’s and bring in a bedtime story to read. Children were encouraged to bring in their favourite books too so they could share them with their class. We invited parents and carers to come in to read us stories too. Lots of book themed activies took place too……eg the fantastic gruffalo tray in the photo!

Chinese New Year

We have spent the last couple of weeks learning about chinese new year. We have done lots of activities…….chopstick practice, jigsaws, role play, sensory tray and trying new foods eg prawn crackers.

Adding a little more curiosity!

Free flow and the shared area are undergoing a revamp!

It is Free flow and the shared areas turn to have a revamp and become a little more curious and natural. The shared area now has a lovely calming rainforest feel to it. Free flow is still under construction but you can already feel a difference in how the children engage throughout the day! Exciting x

Paediatric first aid training

Well done team Jollies!!!!!

Team Jollies completed the practical elements of the paediatric first aid training course at the weekend. We concentrated on primary surveys, CPR, recovery positions, bleeding, choking, seizures and defibrillator training. Online training and the final exam is now being completed in order for everyone to gain their certificate.

Enjoying Christmas dinner

Today was Christmas dinner number one! Same again on Thursday. Thankyou to James for cooking Turkey and all the trimmings for us. It was delicious! We are now all feeling very festive and rocking Christmas hats from our crackers for the rest of the day!!

11th December – Bringing festive cheer to Midland House

Our eldest children went on a little trip around the village to spread christmas cheer. We even made reindeer antler hats to wear on our walk. We firstly visited the residents of Midland House and gave them a performance at their coffee morning. We also handed out some lovely chocolates to everyone. We then called at Howgate and Farrer butchers to sing them a festive song and give them a box of choccies to say thankyou for our yummy meat throughout the year!