Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration (Our Royal/Footie Afternoon Tea Party!!)

On Thursday 16 June 2016 we had an afternoon tea party at nursery to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.  We decided to hold our celebrations after the official events had occurred over the weekend as we hoped that this would make it all the more meaningful for our children as many would hopefully have watched (and chatted about) some of the things occurring and how this was a very special birthday.  On this day everyone came in wearing red, white and blue and they all looked fabulous!

Our party had a double focus as it was a Queen’s afternoon tea combined with a footie party!!  England were playing Wales and we wanted to cheer on the teams and get sporty too.  We had goalposts around the area, we kicked and passed balls, we lined up and did a celebratory conga outside cheering our support for the teams as we listened to the commentary live on the radio.  Our children had a mixture of crowns and flags painted on their faces as we all got into the royal/footie spirit.

We congregated in our garden area together under red, white and blue bunting and sat on our royal blankets as we had our afternoon tea party.  We had sandwiches (not cucumber ones!!), carrot and cucumber sticks, slices of pizza, sausage rolls, crisps, fruit and cakes – it was a party after all!  We sang ‘Happy Birthday Your Majesty’ and chatted happily together with our friends.

The most marvellous thing was that the sun shone down on us just as we were all eating and this was entirely unexpected as thunderstorms were predicted.  It was a lovely afternoon as we celebrated together in the sunshine…  Thank you to all our children, parents/carers and staff team for all your support.  You looked terrific and all made such an effort on this special day as you took part in the wide range of activities that were occurring.  We even had our very own Jolly Queen as Megan opted to dress not in red, white and blue, but as Her Majesty herself…






Jolly Building!!

Today we have been super excited to take delivery of some new outdoor building bricks.  These have been purchased with last year’s summer fayre money (along with our heuristic shed, our new writing area and other changes that have recently been made too).  The children have already enjoyed stacking and creating as they have played cooperatively together to build, build, build…  We have also had an outdoor mirror delivered so our role-playing princesses, pirates, fire-fighters and other characters can admire themselves and check that they are looking gorgeous!!  This will be put up as soon as we can arrange for ‘Bob’ (Ed… Sian’s hubby and our handy man) to come and visit…  EXCITING!!DSCN1642 DSCN1643 DSCN1645 DSCN1662 DSCN1664 DSCN1635

Great garden makeover!


On Saturday some of the Jollies staff team set about re-vamping the outdoor areas. We bought and built new storage sheds to house heuristic and mark-making materials for all our children to enjoy whilst they are playing outside.


We moved our existing mud kitchen to a new home on the decking at the bottom of the garden, giving it a facelift….a lovely sink, and new pots and pans!  Mud pies here we come…


We had a huge clear out of our outdoor store and re-arranged some of the resources under our canopy in a new ‘Movement Area’, encouraging our children to explore all the equipment when they come outside to play within a dedicated space!
















IMG_9883Exciting ‘smaIMG_9859ll world’ (imagination) tyres of diggers, dinosaurs and fairies!  Weaving stations set up to develop fine motor skills……


Jollies just got brighter!

On Monday 25 April our long awaited new uniform finally arrived… It has taken months to organise and get ordered as the staff team went through much deliberation as they trialled colours, sizes and types of clothing.

Finally the consensus was that hoodies were to replace the traditional jumpers that we had always had as people felt these were more modern and more comfortable/practical to wear.

The traditional blue was to be replaced by each team member’s choice of colours for both polo shirt and hoodie.  The only thing we asked was that the colours went together… No clashes as we couldn’t bear it on our eyes!!

People selected their colours and sizes and ‘fits’; some preferred the ‘ladies fit’, some the ‘mens’…

We decided the name badges had to go as they were too easily knocked off or pulled by little hands and so instead we were to have our names embroidered on our shirts and hoodies so all can read easily.

The new rainbow uniform arrived in time for us to start wearing it on Monday and this was very timely as many of Team Jolly had given up their time on the Saturday before this as we had wanted to have a good tidy, paint of walls and paintwork and after donning power tools on Saturday as we sanded, painted and cleaned (‘Bob’ would have been proud of us!!) it felt just right that our new uniform arrived after we had spent the weekend working as a team to make the building even brighter too!

The response from our children has been phenomenal as they have shown off their fabulous knowledge of colours as they have excitedly discussed what the jolly grown-ups are all wearing and we love the brighter, individual feel that the uniforms have.  You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled and see if you can tell us which colour hoodie is the most popular?!  How about the polos?!

Next Saturday the great garden overhaul commences… Watch this very exciting space.  Mind you we’ll probably be wearing our old blue Jollies tops as scruffs as we tidy, build and create!  Exciting times ahead and massive thanks to our Jolly Team for all their hard work and dedication.  There’s no team quite like our Jolly Team and for this we are eternally grateful.


Easter Parade 2016

DSCN0354 DSCN0355 DSCN4541 DSCN4548 DSCN9976 IMG_2373

We had our annual Easter Parade on the 23rd March. We walked around to our butchers and sang them some Easter songs and then the younger children went to the park for a cheeky biscuit. The older children then went to our local residential home, Midland House to sing to the residents and to judge their traditional Easter bonnet contest x

World Book Day 2016

We love a good opportunity to dress up at Jollies so we love annual World Book Day!!! We dress up, read our favourite stories and re-enact what happened in them too. We had such good fun x

IMG_8401 IMG_8432 SAM_0111 SAM_0123 SAM_0138

Reptile Rangers visit

DSCN1291 DSCN1350 DSCN1375 DSCN1427 DSCN1483 DSCN9573 DSCN9579 DSCN9606

We had a visit from a company called ‘Reptile Rangers’ who brought us a few creatures and critters to look at. We had the opportunity to be very hands on, so we could learn about the feel of their skin etc. The men also taught us about each creatures’ life: where they live, what they eat etc.

Project igloo!!!!

So our lovely Jojo was flicking around on the internet at home one evening and she came across something she really liked……..she shared this with our closed FB group and our staff and parents were inspired and so a crazy idea was created!!!!!


Over the next few months we guzzled our milk at home and Jollies, but instead of popping the four pinters into our recycling wheelie bins we washed them out and passed them nursery’s way. James cleared a space in the cellar and operation ‘crazy collection’ began!!!!!

The bottles piled higher and higher and the excitement grew and grew. Jo started the mammoth building task and it wasn’t easy – the glue gun was messy, the pva and paper layer (recommended by a local school) was sticky and the structure was unstable and awkward…..

Building an igloo felt like climbing a mountain and then poor Jo had to abandon mission due to an operation. So Sian stepped up to the challenge!Armed with industrial glue gun and bucket of watered down pva and paper for added stability ( the snow between the icy blocks) the big build continued.

So two days later, we have an icy palace, fairy lights twinkle above and the floor is a shiny/crinkly silver. We plan to add snow and ice and all things nice so wintery stories can be shared in there. We hope lots of fun, creativity and icy imagination will be had in our jolly igloo. (we also hope Jo approves and wish her a speedy recovery!) x