Swat! Splat!

Swat, swat, splat, splat!!Bugs are still a big hit in Cheeky Monkeys so they got their fly swatters at the ready to swat those pesky flies and they had a fun time whilst doing it…Lauren provided a messy invitation to play by using one of our giant perspex screens upon which she had drawn lots of flies! She then equipped the children with trays of coloured paint and a selection of fly swatters to swat those pesky flies! The children wasted no time in picking which colour fly swatter they wanted to use and after a quick demonstration from Lauren about what they were going to do they all set to work rubbing their swatters in the paint and then hitting them hard against the perspex screen to create a super splat pattern. Lauren questioned the children regarding whether they had got all the flies and they excitedly shouted yes as they continued to swat the flies until they were completely certain that they had got each and every last pesky one with their friends…All the children had ‘swats’ and ‘swats’ of fun and they got super messy at the same time 🙂Their art work was BBBuzzzzmazzzing and only at Jollies could fly swatters be combined with paint to create a masterpiece….. 😂🤣😂🤣😂With a swat and a splat a unique work of art emerged…💜 xxxx