Mission Impossible?!?

(Not for our clever children at Jollies!!)

In Beth, Katie and Emma’s room recently the children found it was time to challenge themselves! The grown-ups made a course where the children had to get to the other side, but there were red lines (that looked a little like laser beams!!) in their way. They then had to decide if they should go under or over them to get through… decisions, decisions… lots of thinking took place as the children assessed the height of the lines that needed to be crossed and whether they wanted to go over or under for best effect?! It was great to see the children problem-solving and lifting their legs and assessing in their minds first as to whether they felt they could make it over, or whether it would be best to crouch down and crawl/slither under!!They focused upon stepping up high or keeping their whole bodies (and heads!) low to the ground in an attempt to miss the lines across…. Avoidance was the key tactic!! They showed some great thinking skills and also great coordination of their bodies exhibiting very controlled movements throughout.All of the children had proud smiles on their faces once their mission had been achieved and they had made it safely to the other side without disturbing the beams/lines. Their problem solving skills had definitely been put to the test and they had risen to the occasion admirably as they had controlled their bodies well to be able to make their chosen moves with the greatest of care being taken throughout… Mission Achieved ✅ xxxx