The most exciting trip to the station….

‘Flying Scotsman’ flying through!!!!Our oldest children had a very wet, but very amazing, trip to Woodlesford Station yesterday afternoon.We’d got wind of the news that Flying Scotsman would be passing through and we couldn’t miss this amazing opportunity to see, hear and smell such a fabulous steam train up close.This was especially brilliant as one of our little ones had recently been on Flying Scotsman and had sent all his Jolly friends a postcard from his travels which had arrived that very morning.So we took this as a sign and following this interest we grasped the opportunity to bring this fabulous postcard image to life for all our children🚂We may have got soaked whilst we were waiting, but it was definitely worth it. We gazed on in awe and wonder as this beautiful, famous steam train chugged on through.Our children were so excited to tell their mummies and daddies all about their adventure at home time. We adore trains anyway, but seeing a steam train passing through our lovely village station takes it to a whole new level!! Eeeeeeeeek soooooooo exciting!!! 💙💛💙