Bonfire Night preparations!

Whizz, pop, crackle, BANG!!!!Our children have been getting very excited about fireworks 💥 as they have started to discuss ones they will be going to see and also ones that they have already spotted (and heard!) in the sky at nighttime.To follow this naturally building excitement that has been occurring we have provided activities to enable them to explore their own representations of fireworks and recreate the patterns and colours they see around them and the sounds they hear at this very exciting time of year…One group made play dough (taking fabulous advantage first to explore the mathematical opportunities of measuring out ingredients and then the scientific awe and wonder as they watched the consistencies of materials change) and then moulded it and added different ‘treasure’ into it to create their own representation of fireworks exploding in the night sky. The shiny jewels and gems and the jaggedly, twisty, zig-zaggy pipe cleaners created the illusion of very different fireworks exploding and the children’s natural instinct to provide the accompanying sound effects as they created was simply AWESOME💥Other children swirled crazy foam and paint to create their own swirling, whirling fireworks and some even added straws into the mix and held them up as ‘sparklers’… imaginations were in full flow as our children mirrored (and replicated) their own life experiences within their play. Natural discussions about how to keep safe arose too, as they chatted about their beauty, but also how we have to be very careful!Tasty treats were made by another group as they made their very own chocolate covered apple complete with sprinkles. We talked about healthy choices and having little treats on special occasions and our children, who are total fruit monsters anyway, found adding a magical layer of chocolate 🍫 to our 🍎🍏 was just beyond amazing!!All this excitement is building up before the big weekend for seeing spectacular fireworks and hearing brilliant bangs… So we can’t wait for next week when our children will have experienced even more fireworks and will want to excitedly recount every wonderful detail… and probably run around outside pretending their bodies are the fireworks twisting, turning, popping, banging, screeching, soaring, crackling too… 💥💥💥💥xxxx