Transport + Paint = Fun!

Zoom, zoom, zoom we’re painting with cars in our room…Painting was occurring, but not with brushes…. It was all about the cars this time 🚗🚙🚘🚖🚔Our children loved exploring different colours, different directions, different tyre tracks as they vvvvrrrrrrooommmmeeeeeddand zoomed different cars within their room.Some children like messy play and some really don’t, but sometimes if their favourite toys/vehicles are placed in the paint even the ones who are not necessarily painting fans can be drawn in and tempted to explore.Spontaneous counting was also occurring as the children focused upon the numbers of cars used, the number of tyre tracks made on their paper and the thickness/thinness/differing patterns of the tracks was also compared and all the different directions they had travelled in was discussed too.All this learning was naturally occurring through play… BEEP, BEEP!!!! As you’ll all be very aware it’s all about the PROCESS that’s important for our little ones, not the finished product, but on this occasion our children were rather pleased with their finished products too, as they had created some rather unique masterpieces in THE most fun way!!