Well done, Sian

Sian is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO).Sian is passionate about supporting Team Jollies to help all our children reach their full potential and she regularly shares her insight, knowledge and understanding to support our team in supporting our children effectively. She loves to really understand, and ‘get to grips with’, specific needs and she has facilitated us all working closely over the past 16 years with our local authority’s Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Team (SENIT), Speech and Language therapists (S& L), Occupational Therapists (OT) and the Deaf and Hearing Impairment Team (DAHIT) as required to support individual learners.Recently she has continued her professional development by completing her Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism and this has covered aspects such as best practice relating to autism, living with autism, signs, symptoms and diagnosis and information, support, legislation and guidance relevant to autism.Her enhanced knowledge will help to strengthen our understanding and support our children even more effectively than before.We love to develop our skills, knowledge and understanding here as practitioners at Jollies as by doing this we can truly give our children:“Roots to grow and wings to fly!”