Gingerbread… squirrels?!?! 🐿 One of our children came into nursery recently very excitedly saying to Imogen that they’d really like to do two things that day: go to the park and make ‘gingerbread squirrels’!!Well we do like to follow the children’s interests and their wish is often our command when and where possible… so that day Imogen asked the rest of the children if they’d like to go on a trip out to the park. Unsurprisingly it was a resounding ‘yes!’ that she heard in response to her question, so that’s just what they did. As for the gingerbread squirrels 🐿… we checked our cutters and we had stars, trees, circles, squares, hearts, gingerbread men, but no squirrels!! So on that day we felt one out of two wasn’t bad?!? But…Tracey got Sian on the case and shortly after Sian was making an Amazon special order and a few days later a squirrel cutter arrived! So a week later the children were able to get busy making…. gingerbread squirrels – HURRAH!!!!Where will our children’s interests take us to next on our exciting Jolly learning journeys… we simply can’t wait to see♥️ xxxx