A box is not just a box!

Cheeky Monkeys had a special delivery from one of their children’s mummies… a gigantic cardboard box that she had given them to play with and of course they all absolutely 💗it as the possibilities of play were endless!!!!! As soon as Natalie put it on the floor they were all immediately drawn to the box and were then busy trying to climb in; some children asked for a little help to get in as it had quite tall sides, but once they were all in they were loving it!!! They jumped up and down initially and were then sitting down and talking to each other and they were all so full of giggles as they sat in the BIG box!Natalie came to sit near the box and began encouraging role play; pretending it was a car so they were then using their hands to pretend they were holding steering wheels and shouting “beep beep” pretending to stop and go as they travelled on their way.After Natalie’s initial scaffolding of the play all the children soon joined in with being very imaginative and they enjoyed pretending to be in their car as they talked about where they were going to go to next… their favourite destination of choice was the shop!!!After a while they were also pretending it was a stage and they were then dancing and showing their groovy moves to the adults, they were definitely ⭐️ entertainers!! They all had lots of fun… who knew a box could entertain everyone for so long and create so many ideas and such imaginative play?!Well actually we did at Jollies; as a box is NEVER a box… it is a boat, a train, a rocket, a car, a fire engine, a cave, a hole in the ground.