A Fabulous Floor Painting

🎨🖌The other morning, at breakfast time, one of our children asked Stephen to paint. So that was exactly what they did next… Following the room’s recent interest in both dough play and paint, the children decided to mix it up a bit and paint with the dough tools on a large scale on the floor!!!The group enjoyed making lots of marks and patterns using the various tools and resources they had collected together. This process developed both their fine and gross motor skills as they stretched and reached to pick up the different resources and then focused upon handling the tools with precision and imagination. The children could sit, lay, kneel, crouch and reach in any way they chose to, and were naturally comfortable with, and this led to some great strengthening of core muscles too as they balanced and maintained their chosen positions whilst painting and printing away in all directions across the paper! Everyone was just having so much fun with the paint getting messy as they expressed themselves to create their group masterpiece.They were pretty impressed with their finished creation, even though for all of us here at Jollies it is the process that is oh so important, not the final product. However, in this case we think it was a massive thumbs up to both!! Proud painty children we definitely all were!!! 👍🏻👍🏾👍🏾👍🏼x