a love of balls

Aim, Throw…. Higher and Higher We Go!!!!Meanwhile over in Exploring Elephants it was a different kind of physical challenge occurring outside… One of their children requested to get the balls out and of course Fiona agreed. After observing the little one aiming the balls at the cones Fiona took this interest one step further and she turned all the platforms (that are usually used for ‘stages’ or for climbing!) upside down to make large buckets!!Her little one could see straight away what she was doing and they needed no encouragement to begin aiming to throw the balls in. Fiona was very impressed with her children’s aim as they soon all joined in this exciting game!The children then instigated their own challenges as they would stand at one end and aim the ball into the bucket that was farthest away from them and often they did very well in getting their balls in. Fiona then observed one little one throwing their ball as high as they could, and after a while she realised they were trying to throw the ball up and over the washing line!! So that was it… Fiona joined in with them and encouraged them to throw their ball as high as they could whilst also trying to do it herself. They gave each other lots of encouragement and they cheered when they managed it. They didn’t give up and they kept on trying again and again to get their balls over the washing line. They were all sooooo excited when they managed to do it and it was lovely to see the big smiles on their faces as they shouted ‘Fiona I did it!’ What determined, clever children we have at Jollies they set themselves physical challenges and persevere until they achieve their goals! ⚽️🏀💙💚xxxx