A scritchy-scratchy cardboard box!!

📦📦Two boxes of new sleep mats for nursery were received, but this also meant that we had taken delivery of two HUGE cardboard boxes!!The first thing our children wanted to do was clamber into them, so after some crawling in and out we decide to cut some windows out of them so they could have a more satisfying game of peekaboo with their friends outside the box… rather than crawling out the end each time to say boo, they could then peer through the little windows instead if they wanted to. This generated lots of smiles and giggles as our babies took it in turns to explore the box from both inside and out!After a lot of playing the box gradually lost its shape and became squashed and squeezed and battered, but the box fun didn’t stop there!!Next it was opened out fully on the floor and investigated further as we’d observed that whilst playing in the box before our children had scraped toys along it and banged on it and naturally investigated the sounds their fingers made as they scratched along its ridges.So we provided some crayons for mark-making and our children were intrigued as they moved their fingers over the box and then drew on it too and this then fascinated them even more as they heard the different sounds being created when both their fingers and the crayons moved along the box’s bumpy cardboard surface. It was very satisfying for them to see sweeping marks emerging, but also hear their interesting accompanying sounds!The experimentation didn’t stop there though, as our children also moved on to ripping it, stamping on it and bashing it in pursuit of their investigation into making further amazing sounds with their box! 🎶🎵🎶+5177People reached8EngagementsBoost postLikeCommentShare