a snuggly book area to ‘bee’ snuggly

Come and 🐝 lost in the magic of books…We hope our children in Terrific Twos will 🐝 soooooo very happy with their new snuggly story sharing den. One corner of their room has been transformed into a cosy area where they can snuggle up (and under a blanket!) and share story, after story, after story, after story! Story times are such a hugely important part of early childhood and they are crucial in helping children to develop their communication and listening skills, extending their vocabulary, broadening their imaginations, helping them to develop sequencing skills, assisting them in building a narrative, aiding them in their comprehension, helping them to develop an understanding of rhythm and rhyme, experimenting with sounds, helping them to make sense of picture cues, forming even stronger bonds with key people and friends, fostering marvellous, magical make-believe and introducing them to a very special brand of magic…. We want our children to…🐝lieve in the magic of books!!🐝 snuggly and share a story… We hope they will all 🐝 loving exploring this area later on today under the magic of the twinkly lights. Xxxx