A squash and a squeeze!

With a squash and a squeeze, a press and a prod, a roll and a twist, a pat and a splat our play dough is moulded and shaped💜Our children are free to explore the dough itself with their hands or they can select things to add into their dough play to then explore their potential.Some pressed their selected objects into the dough and carefully studied the differing imprints they created. Some just enjoyed the tactile, sensory feedback the dough provided them with.Whatever they chose to do they were intrigued, they were focused, they shared, they explored, they problem-solved and they thought critically as they played with confidence!Playdough play is an excellent pre-cursor to early writing as before children can hold a pen and write they have to develop their finger strength. Their hands also have to be strong to hold a pen (in fact their hand development continues up until much older, around 7, as some of the cartilage in their hands actually hardens and turns into bone, so to hold a pen is indeed a very tricky physical thing for a very young child!) and it also requires fine motor skills being honed too… As our children picked up resources they were also developing these as they used their pincer grips to select their chosen objects.Physical skills are developed and little minds grow as our children play happily and manipulate their dough! Xxxx