A squash and a squeeze …..

……..and a zoom and a brummmmmmmmmm!!!!For Cheeky Monkeys it’s been all about experimenting with squashy play dough with cars, trains and blocks. They enjoyed making marks in the play dough using the blocks, their fingers and the wheels of the cars and trains. The differing imprints were fascinating to study as they emerged.They made towers with ‘doughy cement’ (which they used to join blocks together), they squeezed dough through their fingers, they tried to roll balls and they would pat and mould their dough!Lots of fun was had and lots of vocabulary was modelled by the grown ups in response to the play that was organically developing in front of them. All the while strengthening of little fingers was occurring too as fine motor skills were developed.Don’t forget it’s easy to make at home too, you don’t need to go out and buy expensive pots!Plus if you make your own you can tailor it to your children’s current interests as you can make specific colours and add different scents… there’s a huge range of food colouring and essences just waiting for you to explore!!We’ve added our tried and tested dough recipe which has served us well for seventeen plus years below for you to have a go at home if you’d like to!Happy squashing and squeezing as you live your best dough life ♥️ xxxx+8164People reached8EngagementsBoost post