A squash and a squeeze

My house is a squash and a squeeze!!!!With lockdown restrictions lifting quite a few of our children have been on family days out to wildlife parks and farms and so they are slightly animal obsessed at the moment! Welcome to our hybrid Jolly Farm/Zoo/Wildlife Park…This beautiful area has been set up to excite and invite our children to play and explore and this is certainly what they have been doing. They have negotiated together as they have shared resources and taken turns (the tractor was a particular fave!) as they played developing imaginative role play scenarios… It was small world play all the way as our children adopted the role of farmers helping to move their animals around the farm. This naturally involved counting and grouping as the animals were ushered into their pens…. Lots of exploring also naturally took place of the different textures and levels this area offered; it was a very exciting space indeed! The room has sounded like a farmyard/zoo/wildlife park as various animal sounds have emerged from the role play – they have got louder and more elaborate as our children have experimented together! Some children took the opportunity to re-enact the much loved story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ and the little old lady battled to fill the barn with as many animals as she could before swiftly ushering them all out again! We definitely had it all going on with a squash and a squeeze and a moo and a cluck! 🐓🐄💚xxxx