A VERY loud alarm at Jollies!!!!

🚨🚨🚨🚨Today we had one of our (two annual) fire drill practices and we are pleased to report our children were superstars!They exited calmly and only a few were upset by the very loud alarm… most found it quite exciting! They gathered in their rooms in a safe spot away from the nursery building and all rooms made as swift an exit as possible.Our babies mostly found it exciting going for a ride in our two fire evacuation cots (once they got over their initial confusion!)One of our evacuation cots may have been covered in spaghetti afterwards (as our babies were literally scooped up swiftly from their spaghetti sensory play) but it had definitely served its purpose as it allowed quick and easy evacuation of our youngest, non mobile babies.We are very proud of our calm and collected staff team and children… well done all ♥️xxxx