An EGGciting Easter Walk

Today we went on an Easter Walk to the park for a sing-along, play and some alfresco snack before walking across the grass to hold up our ‘Happy Easter’ banner, sing a couple of Easter songs and wave to our lovely Midland House friends through their open window as they gathered together for their coffee morning. We also delivered an Easter Bunny basket of biscuits ready for their next coffee morning so they will be able to think of their Jolly friends next time they have a cuppa together ☕️♥️Our parade may have been more of a walk this year, and we may not have been able to meet with local schools’ nursery classes to sing, or even venture inside Midland House to sing and natter and hand out chocolate eggs as we have always done in previous years until Covid struck, but with a shake of jingly bells and a smile and a wave we hope we have brought some Easter cheer to our lovely village this April morning…. 🐰🥚🐰Hugest of thank yous to all the mummies, daddies, grandmas, friends and helpers who joined us on our Easter Walk today… it was lovely to have you all accompany us and we hope you had an EGGcellent time♥️Xxxx