Baby love!

Our babies 💗babies!!We have some awesome mummies and daddies emerging here at Jollies as some of our youngest children show just how kind and caring they truly are. Quite a few are currently OBSESSED with the baby dolls. They bathe them, dry them, give them bottles, check and change their nappies, strip them off at every occasion (our children adore taking every single piece of clothing off the dolls however much we try to dress them!!) and give them the best snuggles, they pat them to sleep or rock them gently.One little one was so concerned at snack time that their baby would miss out, and she had to take her mummy duties very seriously, so she definitely couldn’t leave her baby whilst she ate… So what happened? Our Jolly grownups recognised her concern and so a place was set accordingly at the table and baby came too!