Bags full of love

♥️…Love has definitely been in the air in Pouncing Possums this Valentine’s Day as our babies have been having a blast!! They’ve had balloons bouncing and floating around their room and they’ve put their physical skills to the test as they’ve cruised, crawled, shuffled and ran after them, they’ve created heart prints with shapes and paint and they have generally just been feeling the love! Also, as Possums have been super into sensory play recently Lillie lovingly created some sensory feedback bags for her babies; they were filled with crazy foam, heart sequins and food colouring and it’s safe to say they were a massive hit! Our babies squashed and squeezed and shook them and loved watching the contents move, mix and merge together… great to look at as well as touch.We are definitely in ♥️ with sensory play today! Xxxx