Beep, Beep… draw?!

✍️ What better way to get our children interested in making marks than combining this with something they 🧡🚗🚑🚛!!!Pens were attached to the backs of vehicles and a table top was covered in paper to create the perfect roadway. The invitation to play was duly accepted by some very enthusiastic children and they drove and drew and drove and drew and drove….. perfect!!They loved looking at the different lines created as they followed the paths of their vehicles. There were straight ones, wiggly ones, long ones, short ones, round ones, zig zaggy ones, thick ones, thin ones and all sorts of coloured ones. The opportunity to introduce and scaffold language arose so naturally as the children drove their vehicles around and about and also the most marvellous group masterpiece was created as the vehicles went about their exciting journeys.Some children might want to play with vehicles all day, but would never choose to mark make. So combining the two, with just a little imagination, their curiosity can be sparked as they are then naturally drawn into new areas to explore, explore, explore!!Broom, broom, zoom, zoom, beep, beep… Lewis Hamilton meets Picasso… perfect!! 💛🖊✒️💙xxxx