We 💜a bit of bling!!Like magpies we have been attracted to the shiny, shiny rings that Tracey brought in to go with the new ‘hand stand’ that she had found on her latest weekend treasure hunt…We loved to sort through them studying them closely, immediately drawn to their magical glimmer! We discussed colours, we described shapes, we looked at sizes and compared them to each other, we imaginatively turned the rings into ones that gave us special powers (‘bat rings’) and although Tracey thought we’d love to hook them on the hand we much preferred seeing how many we could place on our own hands!! We showed our friends excitedly and we challenged each other to see who could get the most on! We chatted about whose were the largest/smallest/shiniest/funniest/prettiest/sparkliest and we did eventually hang a few on the hand too… it was fun to see how we could place them on to get them to carefully balance to enable as many as possible to be added.