Brush, Brush, Brush

🦷🪥🦷🪥🦷🪥After one of our daddies dropped off one morning mentioning that teeth brushing had been a little challenging at home as their little one really hadn’t fancied brushing their teeth Evie decided to try to do something to help…So to encourage teeth brushing at home for all her room’s children she decided to find and set up our nursery’s teeth brushing resources. They all had a big discussion together about the importance of looking after our teeth and why we need to brush them. They brushed the pretend teeth using real toothbrushes and toothpaste and the children absolutely loved it as they discussed how they were brushing and they also enjoyed checking each other’s to check no teeth had been missed!They finished off the activity by reading stories and books all about teeth and these sparked further discussions between the group.Oral health is a HUGE area of importance as young children’s teeth health has declined over the years and so anything we can do to promote this is vitally important and if we can support our mummies and daddies in hopefully having less battles at bedtime and in the morning before nursery over brushing teeth we are VERY happy to help♥️Here’s to sparking clean gnashers and happy mummies and daddies going forwards!! Xxxx