Flutter by butterfly 🦋 Dear ButterfliesWe hope you all had a very exciting, adventurous first weekend exploring the new HUGE wonderful world around you?Love your friends in Cheeky Monkeys xxxxLast week we set our painted lady butterflies free having watched them grow and change from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly. It has been fascinating for our children to observe this lifecycle occurring within their room in front of their very eyes. They have observed closely and discussed the changes they could see occurring and they have enjoyed finding out more from non-fiction books. They have had the opportunity to gently handle the butterflies when they have chosen to land on their hands, or sometimes their heads 🤣😂🤣😂, but the best part was releasing them into the wide and wonderful world as we knew this would truly be the start of their amazing adventures.The above filled us with awe and wonder and it all came from Lauren, Tia, NatNat and Laura closely following our latest interests… we had been loving reading ‘Monkey Puzzle’ and we were all OBSESSED with the butterfly in the story and how its babies didn’t look like it; so Lauren asked us if we’d like to see some caterpillars changing into beautiful butterflies, as we had also been highly engrossed in going on bug hunts in the garden too, and that was it… a plan was hatched and our (and their!) adventure began!! Xxxx