Buzzy bee……..

One of our little ones displays such enthusiasm when it comes to wildlife and creatures, he is so observant all the time and coming into nursery the other morning was no exception! Even before he came into Jollies, he showed Laura and Daddy the bees he could see on our flowers and throughout the morning, when he was playing near the window, he would point them out to Laura again. Laura asked this inquisitive little one if he would like to go and have another look outside and he jumped at the chance to! They went outside and Laura began to question him about what he could see and hear and they began to discuss why the bees were near the flowers and what they were doing. Laura explained that the bees’ bodies had the pollen on and that they were going back to their beehives after collecting nectar from the flowers. She also took this opportunity to ask about all the different colours of the flowers and plants they could see and he happily told her sharing his superb colour knowledge. As he was observing further he was telling and showing Laura more about what he could see and he also discussed the bees’ actions further; remembering what she had told him about what the bees were doing!The bee theme continued when one brave bumble bee came into visit us through the open window and after it was safely and carefully released back into the open our children decided to decorate their own buzzy bees for their window so the bees outside could admire them too… we think they look fabulous and our children are very proud of their artwork and are super excited about the bees which we observe closely as they go about their daily work!We love looking out for our children’s unique passions and obsessions and following them to see what we can see…. This time it was a busy buzzy buzzy 🐝!!We wonder what it will ‘bee’ this week?!…. We are excited to find out!