Cars and trains challenge our brains!!

🚘🛤🚂Whether it be investigating speed and direction of travel by exploring ramps and tunnels, working out how to link tracks and road pieces together utilising our fine motor skills, imagining role play scenarios with our friends as we create towns and cities, negotiating and taking turns as we find our favourite vehicles and then share them, getting messy and creative by running wheels through paint and then exploring marks made and colours and textures created, building our own vehicles out of HUGE wooden building blocks outside before role-playing away, organising our friends to pretend and then physically become the train or bus and travel around the room on our amazing (self initiated) group adventures, constructing our own vehicles out of Lego and junk modelling materials, making close observational drawings of our vehicles, exploring weight and capacity as we fill up the dumper trucks in our garden construction site, or counting cars as they become stuck in our very own Jolly traffic jam… the possibilities of this type of play are seemingly limitless and allow almost every area of the curriculum to be explored and covered. Cars and trains get little fingers moving and clever brains thinking as challenges are set and problems are solved and THE best type of exploration and investigation occurs… Oh and it’s just amazing fun as we all just ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️cars and trains (…and tractors, boats, helicopters and planes… we adore all vehicles if we’re honest!!) xxxx