caterpillars no more!

We spy a caterpillar… a chrysalis… a butterfly!Up until very recently Terrific Twos have had some extra special visitors staying with them in nursery sharing their play room…some baby caterpillars! They got to watch the baby caterpillars grow and then form a chrysalis before finally emerging as beautiful butterflies… to say they were excited throughout was a HUGE understatement!!During their brief time here with us our children have had an up close look and very personal look at their caterpillar friends and they regularly discussed together how they were changing (based upon their very close observations) and also got excited about what was going to happen next over the coming weeks. They found this out by sharing some very beautiful information texts which described the stages in great detail so a very clear sequence of events was set out for our children to learn about and follow avidly. They also LOVED reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ book and then feeding their very own ‘home made’ hungry caterpillars the food from the story too in the extra special tray which Lauren lovingly created to accompany this classic story… All that was left to do was to watch this space as they patiently waited for their butterflies to complete the life cycle in front of their very eyes… and they did!! 🐛…..🦋….. AMAZING!!!! Xxxx