Challenges, challenges!!!

It’s been all about the physical outside… from balancing on beams, tackling different climbing levels as we travel across the wooden hexagons, whizzing down the ramp, balancing on the bouncy toys, climbing the tyre mountain, riding on the balance bikes and swerving on scooters, to sliding down the climbing frame’s pole!Physical skills galore were being developed as our children explored and played… and mixed in with this was a bit of awe and wonder too as amazing bubbles were also created to float around and about and also a feast was set up as our children role-played together in the mud kitchen creating a brilliant banquet (lots of communication naturally occurred and language associated with creating recipes was used and early maths skills were developed as quantities and containers were compared and explored).Yet all our children knew was that they were having an amazing time playing outside… you’ve got to ♥️ the Early Years… supremely educational, but just soooooooo much fun!!! Xxxx