Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken

🥚🐣🐤Our Movement Room has temporarily taken on a whole new focus, as it’s all about new life and springtime and life cycles in there now…We have a new incubator containing eggs which we hope will hatch so we can meet some rather lovely fluffy little chicks! It will be so incredible to watch and wait and then finally get to meet our new fluffy friends. In the past our children have loved holding the chicks and giggling as they have run and flapped about. They have always shown themselves to be caring and have had the gentlest, kindest hands.As well as waiting for eggs to hatch we should soon see frogspawn turning into tadpoles too! Amazing transformations should be taking place at Jollies and we can’t wait!We love to bring learning to life for our little ones and we think they are going to be life cycle obsessed as they find out about how living things grow and change.Resources, puzzles, books and games will naturally support their play and learning and lots and lots of lovely close observation will be taking place too; sparking some amazing discussions and so much excitement!!We are officially EGGcited!!! Xxxx