Choo Choo… All Aboard our garden

🚂 Jade asked everyone what they wanted to do one morning and they all said ‘trains’ and ‘outside’…. So instead of the usual going to visit the train station or getting the train tracks out within the room Jade suggested they could all make a train together outside… She was sensitively following her children’s interests and choices (as we love to equip our little ones with the confidence to express their preferences and take the lead in their learning and play) but was extending them in a slightly different way… As the crate train developed we saw lots of physical manoeuvring of big equipment around, lots of teamwork and collaboration, clear communication and negotiation, counting as seats/carriages were arranged, discussion about shapes and how the wheels were round and then finally amazing role-playing and fabulous imagination as our children set off on their exciting train journeys together!!) xxxx