Choo choo (with al fresco snack time too!!)

🛤🚂Trains have been all the rage again for our oldest children. They’d been playing with them in the morning so they decided they’d like to go and see some real ones in the afternoon!They were in for a treat as they spotted 6 trains!! We observed some excellent counting; the children kept a running tally as the trains passed them by! What a well-timed excursion it was to spot so many!! They also counted carriages/people, looked at numbers on the platform around them (on signs, on the digital clock etc) and discussed the fast and slow trains that were passing through Woodlesford.All this in addition to showing what super sensible stars they were as they crossed over the road from nursery to the train station. Lots of road safety discussions naturally occurred as we chatted about what we must all do to keep ourselves safe and similarly at the station lots of discussion about what we should and shouldn’t do. What a sensible, clever group of little ones we have at nursery.Every opportunity is a learning one here at Jollies and today was no exception… however THE most important thing for our children was that they spotted…… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 trains!!! ♥️ Xxxx