Chop, cook, share, eat… repeat!!

🔪🍴💚The role play kitchen has been a popular area for some of our children recently as they play together and use their imaginations!! One little one decided to cut up and mix the oranges to make some yummy orange juice for all of her friends! She used the toy knife to carefully ‘cut’ them in half before blending them all in her container! Cooking, cooking, cooking (not just blending!!) was all the rage for another friend as they spent a long period of time focused in the kitchen area creating some yummy food! When Natalie asked what she was making she simply replied “something special”…. She then continued stirring the ‘mixture’ in the container and she eventually revealed that she was cooking chocolate buttons! She then proudly passed Natalie lots of buttons to eat…. Yum, yum!!So much fun was had mixing, creating, imagining, sharing, counting, discussing and role playing together in the kitchen… We wonder what will be on the menu and what fun and learning will be cooked up this week at Jollies?!