Colour mixing

🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣🌈Cheeky Monkeys children have been getting to grips with their colours recently… so to continue the theme of colour mixing they recently made a concoction of cornflour and water (amazing gloop!!) and then added drops of food colouring! This led to some brilliant investigation and exploration naturally taking place as the children used different tools to mix the food colouring and were fascinated as they watched the colours merge… The cornflour and water also formed a hard yet gloopy paste, so the children really enjoyed manipulating this in different ways by touching, pushing, scraping, mixing and swirling to see how it would change and react.Textures changing and colours mixing… it was totally and utterly transfixing!! Top tip: Why not give this a go at home… grab a bowl or tray, raid your baking cupboard for cornflour, add water, a few drops of food colouring and you are good to go.We think you will be just as mesmerised by the amazingly strange texture of cornflour… it sets solid in the tray… yet scoop it up and it turns to liquid only to drop and set again.Will you love the texture? What colours will you mix and discover? It’s time to get gloopy!!! Xxxx