Den building fun

Our babies are in their den, Our babies are in their den,

EE – I – AD – I – O

Our babies are in their den 🎶🎵🎶🎵

Our Possums grown-ups recently spotted their babies being desperate to be under things; they were slowly becoming den obsessed…So based upon their observations they created full on dens using a variety of materials, including a metallic sensory blanket… the result:A den that rustled and shimmered and definitely had the crawlability factor 🌟⭐️Our babies loved to sit under there together and play musical instruments as well as later on painting on the den’s foil blanket too , adding a whole new dimension to the experience 🎨 This was superb for developing their motor control as they could twist and turn and have the freedom to lie on their backs and stretch and reach and explore. A totally different perspective was explored by all of them as they looked upwards and painted above themselves and we can safely say the dens were a HUGE hit! We cannot DENy this activity was laDEN with unDENiable possibilitiies