Diggers on our doorstep!

We simply HAD to take a closer look!!The most marvellous thing was observed by our children right outside nursery… roadworks were occurring to mend a leaking pipe and it was nothing short of fascinating!Our children were alerted to the scene as they heard the drilling and digging and then that was it… they naturally gathered around windows, both upstairs and down, to take a closer look! 🚧They discussed what they could see and hear and they talked about the cars that were stopping, starting and passing too; as not only did we have a digger, but we had traffic lights controlling the flow of the traffic too! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! 🚦Some rooms went outside to take an even closer look as they were just so amazed by it all. The team working hard to mend the broken pipe gave us a friendly wave too!Once back inside the real life observations made immediately permeated their play as the children role-played traffic stopping and starting as roadworks were created and pipes were mended after the road had first been dug up!!Inspiration for play can come from anywhere and this time it was taken from right outside our window! What a gift Jollies had been given – it may have frustrated a driver or two, but for our children it was nothing short of perfect