Dinosaur Roars!!

🦖🦕These are the sounds that have mostly been heard emanating from Free-Flow recently as our children have explored the fabulous new dinosaur area created by Stephen.Our children just adore dinosaurs and they are frequently revisited as a firm favourite as our children’s interests return to them time and time again…Our children have enjoyed fiction and non-fiction texts about dinosaurs as they’ve gone on fact finding missions, they have played dinosaur snap, they have drawn and written with dinosaur pencils (and a dinosaur ruler and stencils!), they have stomped and stamped toy dinosaurs through paint, they have created pictures with dinosaur stickers, they have role-played and imagined exciting scenarios, they have explored direction and cause and effect as they have manoeuvred the remote control T-Rex around the room.We’re not going to lie, we’ve just been having a truly ROARSOME time together 🦖🦕xxxx