Dinosaurs and ducks spotted at the canal!

As one group of children’s obsession with dinosaurs continued the grown-ups were thinking of different ways to explore them. After a game of hide and seek the day before they thought they could then combine the two and so they created a ‘dinosaur hide and seek’! Although it was a ‘dinosaur hide and seek’ with a difference as the added twist was that the adventure didn’t take place within Jollies’ grounds…Instead the dinosaurs were taken down to the canal and hidden by the grown-ups so their children could then find them and then find out how many they had in total. Afterwards the children (and grown-ups!) even walked liked dinosaurs and roared their way along the canal towpath too – just like true dinosaurs!!They all had a fab time and they even had their snack there before they then got very excited as they did some running away from the Gruffalo!! Dinosaurs stomping, children chomping, ducks quacking, Gruffalo chasing… Woodlesford canal definitely had it all going on! 💜🦕🦖💜