Draw, draw, draw… but on the floor!!

Sitting at a table is alright, but it’s not the best way to encourage children to draw, create and make marks. Little bodies don’t like to be sat still for long and certainly don’t like to be restricted by the confines of a chair at a table top!Young children are naturally driven to kneel, sit, lay, stretch and reach across. Reaching across their bodies also enables connections and pathways within their brains to develop and strengthen and helps coordination, balance and focus to flourish.So sometimes to create a masterpiece all you need is a HUGE sheet of paper, a selection of pens, pencils and felt tips and THE FLOOR!! This space offers the children so much more freedom as they can select, choose and frequently change their position and truly express themselves.Do try this at home!!! 🏡 So why not scrap the table top?! Find an old roll of wall/wrapping paper, turn it over and set to with biros, felt tips, pencils, paint and just create, create, create!Sit back and observe your little one… do they kneel, lie (on their sides/tummies?), cross their legs, favour one hand over the other (eventually a dominant hand will emerge when drawing), do they reach across or just utilise pens/pencils/crayons from one side or the other? (studying movement in depth sometimes is really very interesting!)It is fascinating to watch the drawing process occurring and even greater to then to take the opportunity to chat about what is being created from their amazing imaginations as they begin to ascribe meaning to their very precious marks ✏️🖋 xxxx