Drumming al fresco!

The drumming fascination (from inside on the light table and on EVERYTHING else!!) didn’t just stop inside… the Cheeky Monkey grownups observed their children trying to create tunes in the garden too on any piece of equipment they could find… so again they fed their children’s passions as they created a huge outdoor drum kit for them to bash, smash and crash on as they drummed to their hearts’ desire!!This is why we love open-ended resources at Jollies… a simple crate can be a boat, a car, a castle turret, a train, a plane, a stepping stone to cross the river…. But on this day, along with pots and pans borrowed from our marvellous mud kitchen, the crates became the base for an awesome drum kit….. we just love to follow our children’s interests, whether inside or outside, and see where they will take us!! Xxxx