Epic playdough fail!

Perfect Playdough Play💜💚💙Emma’s ‘epic fail (in her words… we personally don’t believe her!!) play dough making’ (too sticky) turned out to be a fantastic learning experience, as her children could add flour as and when they needed to to perfect their creations. They had lots of open ended resources to use to explore the dough with. Some of them actually liked the sensory feedback of the dough becoming sticky and gluing their fingers together!! They rolled, they baked, they made sausages for the BBQ, they stacked pebbles using blobs of dough to stick them together, they created patterns using rollers and other objects that print, they discovered ways to make holes in the dough, they cooked pancakes and pizzas, they problem solved ‘how can we stop the marbles rolling away?’ by making holes or covering them in dough… even Peppa and George pig joined in at one point splashing in the doughy muddy puddles! Who knew you could do all this with what Emma had considered a ‘disastrous dough mix’?!Emma we think you couldn’t have made this dough, or this experience, much more perfect if you’d tried…. We like to grab every available opportunity at Jollies and this one was definitely just soooooooo much fun!! Xxxx+15167People Reached43EngagementsBoost Post