Exciting Tech!!

It looks like a TV, but it’s very much not… instead it’s a…. screen; well basically a giant iPad to you and me!! 😂🤣😂🤣We are not the most massive fans of technology here at Jollies, but it definitely has its place… in short, sharp bursts!Throughout lockdown children (and adults!) probably spent far too much time on tablets/screens and the art of conversation and playing imaginatively together is so much more satisfying than solitary time spent playing on a phone/iPad, but some educational games in short sharp bursts are valuable too; as, like it or not, our children will grow up encountering a wide range of technology and using many different devices.We like to play educational games on our gigantic screen and they can have a range of foci; from number/shape recognition, hand/eye coordination, letter/sound knowledge, following simple instructions, story creating and making, colour and counting knowledge, role-playing, imaginative building… and so the list goes on through the opportunities offered via different games played on the screen.This is in addition to the fact that our children are not only interacting with the screen, but also each other as they take turns and share, discuss ideas about what to do to solve a problem, develop an awareness of time when they are given a limit to play before they are asked to swap with a friend…So in short sharp bursts our gigantic screen is simply a dream! 🖥💻 xxxx