Fast Friendships Forming!

It makes our hearts smile at how quickly lovely friendships blossom within nursery. One little one has transitioned into nursery life so very quickly and, just a few short weeks after joining us, has made some amazing friendships already!You’d think to look at this little one that they’d been here forever, as they ooze confidence, giggles and smiles and they love grasping every opportunity available to them!A heart-melting moment was captured as they were absorbed in total giddiness chasing their friend around the bubble tube in our sensory room ♥️ Parents and carers often worry when they first leave their little ones at nursery, as they wonder if they’ll be ok and as they miss them so terribly when they are sitting at their desk at work they fear their most precious little people will be sad… Often the opposite is true as children have a natural affinity towards other children and they have an intrinsic desire to play, discover, explore and have fun. Friendships form and adventures begin as they travel on their nursery journey together.It is also so lovely to hear parents talking about how their little ones have talked about their friends and the Jolly grown-ups whenever they have been away on family holidays and to then see their return after their jolly holidays and their excited giggles and cuddles just reinforces the true power of friendship ♥️ xxxx