Flour Power!!!!

One of Lauren’s little ones came in with their mummy and their mummy explained that they’d been so busy playing at home and the only way they’d persuaded them to come to nursery was by saying that Lauren had said they were going to play with flour today…. As this little one had expressed to their mummy that they ‘only wanted to play with flour’…. So Lauren set up an amazing provocation for all her children based upon the interests and fascinations of one of her little ones and she used flour as the basis, but added many other ingredients into the mix for the ultimate exploration; rice, oats, cornflakes, herbs and spices (to add an extra sensory dimension!) and gorgeous potion bottles filled with WATER!!!! All that’s left is to sit back and observe what our children choose to do…That’s entirely the point of a ‘provocation’ to learn. It’s all based on the ‘Reggio Approach’ and a provocation basically means provoking learning by enticing little ones to play and encouraging them to be curious, creating awe and wonder and to truly think for themselves. So by working closely with a parent and focusing on their child’s interest an amazing learning provocation has been set up for the room… the careful addition of water will allow them to witness changes in texture should the children wish to explore with it… The scene is set it’s now over to our little ones to take their learning off in their own chosen directions! Xxxx