Following interests…..

Woof, Yap, Ribbet, Mooooo, Hisssssss, Grrrrrr!!!!!! Recently Stephen observed a group of his children pretending to be different animals and making lots of different animal sounds! They were getting so involved and enjoying interacting with each other in this spontaneous way as they impersonated each animal. So to extend their interest further, Stephen went on a hunt in our ‘attic of magic’ (where all manner of amazing books, resources and toys live!) so he could set up a new area for them all with lots of small world animals and some fabulous books all about animals too!! The children absolutely loved their special Jolly grown-up following their lead and extending their interests further and we saw our children totally enthralled in sharing the new stories together as they looked at all the pictures and discussed what the animals were doing, they matched the animal figures to those spotted on the pages and then role played with them as they literally brought the stories to life, they invented games to play with them and they even built homes for them …. It’s safe to say their animal obsession continues and has been well and truly extended by Stephen!