Following the children’s interests

Huge scale mark making… BEEP, BEEP!!Cheeky Monkeys have continued to be obsessed with transport and vehicles; so this week Lauren decided to enhance and extend their interest by combining vehicles with messy on a massive scale!!!A gigantic roll of paper was laid across our (closed) empty front carpark and our children got to decide upon (and swap and change!) their ride on vehicles of choice as they experimented with rolling and riding through the paint splats and then looking at, and discussing/comparing, the different tracks and marks they had made.You can only imagine the fun they had mixing vehicles with messy… physical skills were developed as they rode around, but these were combined with the creative as they became artists of the most unusual variety! What an amazing morning they had yesterday and after all the crazy painting the children then got to work at the bubbly car wash cleaning all the vehicles down.I wonder where this current interest/obsession will take them to next?! Or will the focus shift onto something completely new and different… whatever it is Lauren, Tia, Laura and Nat Nat will be there to observe closely so they can feed, extend and expand their children’s latest interests and fascinations 💜xxxx