Free-Flow Life

♥️Our oldest children get to have even more independence and choice over their day as they can play across many areas upstairs… This morning they were found to be having fun learning through play across Free-Flow One and Two, the Multi-Sensory Room and the Shared Area.A sneaky peek revealed that cooperation and collaboration was the key as a ‘city’ was being built from loose parts with Laura, Amy was taking her children’s lead and discussing various maths concepts that were arising through their play investigations in the shared area; from number/counting to shape knowledge! Whilst Tia was covered in slimy jelly with all the dinosaurs and Stephen was busy exploring the sensory room…Variety is the spice of life and as our children select where they wish to play the different resources, activities and opportunities across all the areas allows them to truly follow their interests and their natural curiosity drives their learning as they are drawn into the provocations set out by the adults and the exciting ever-changing environments.We can’t wait to see how their learning will twist and turn throughout the day as they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding further… but as far as our children are concerned they are just having a marvellous time playing – exactly as Early Years teaching and learning should be!! ♥️ xxxx